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What to Know Before Buying Leather Gloves

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(Summary description)The wide choice of leather gloves means that finding the 'perfect' glove for any application is not always easy.

What to Know Before Buying Leather Gloves

(Summary description)The wide choice of leather gloves means that finding the 'perfect' glove for any application is not always easy.

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  • Time of issue:2022-10-21 10:01
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The wide choice of leather gloves means that finding the 'perfect' glove for any application is not always easy. But this article will give you an idea of the differences between different leather gloves and hopefully help you narrow down the competition and make an informed decision.



Quality leather

Because leather is a natural product, the quality of leather varies from one leather to another. Inferior leather is harder and therefore more prone to cracking than good quality leather, so it is best to buy good quality leather from the outset. This will be the key to the longevity and comfort of your gloves. The most common types of leather used to make gloves are cowhide, suede, and sheepskin.



Cowhide is the most common and popular type of leather used for gloves. It creates a moderately priced, comfortable, and durable glove with excellent abrasion resistance. It is warmer and more heat resistant than suede or sheepskin.




Woolly sheep are not the same as the sheep used for wool. A woolly sheep has longer hair, softer skin, and a high degree of elasticity, which means it can move and stretch better. It also has a very stylish look thanks to its smooth and shiny texture, as well as its softness, strength, and lasting comfort.





Suede has the advantage of being strong and flexible, just like wool sheepskin, but thinner and lighter than other skins, which is why it is mainly used for women's gloves and in the cold winter months.



Location of the leather


Because the area where the leather is cut determines durability and dexterity, you should also pay attention to which part of the animal's body the leather comes from and which side of the skin is being worked on.
Full-grain or top-grain leather comes from the outside of the leather. It is usually smooth but can be lightly sanded or worked to suede or velvet feel after tanning.
Leather cut from the shoulder of the animal has the greatest durability, as the extra movement in the shoulder area creates denser fibers and more pronounced grain differences.
The belly and neck hide is the most economical, but it is also usually the least durable.


Proper lining


Finding the right lining for your gloves is linked to the comfort of your fingers. The most popular leather glove linings include




Cashmere lining is the softest and most luxurious option. Cashmere has excellent insulating properties, so these gloves are very warm despite their stylish silhouette. It is breathable and very soft, so your hands will feel comfortable no matter how long you wear them.




The wool lining is durable and will be slightly thicker than cashmere, but they are still very smooth. The thin wool lining is still very soft and warm. 


Production process


Roller-dyed leather is the first choice for maintaining the natural characteristics of the leather and is superior to any other dyeing process.
Hand-made gloves will always have a distinctive look and feel and are easier to repair, while machine-sewn gloves look more even, although they may last longer.

To get the 'perfect' quality leather gloves, you must consider all the details to make it satisfactory for extended wear. But like all protective equipment, gloves will wear out over time and need to be replaced, but choosing the best fit will help ensure long-lasting finger comfort, ensure maximum longevity and avoid unnecessary expense.
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